Benefits - Today's way of building

Benefits - Today's way of building

MPR Project Management, today’s way of building

Historically most projects have been carried out by a building contractor.

Project Management from MPR tries to eliminate associated issues:

  • No initial under-pricing in order to win a job
  • No construction delays due to other work
  • No reasons for extra charges during the build

Project Management by definition works for you at every stage.

Over 90% of MPR's business in 2013 came from referrals or repeat business.

See the tabs below for more benefits from MPR or click here for a brochure of how we can work with you and your architect.

1. Architect Introduction: Open >

It is probable that your architect introduces us to you?

We understand the relationship between planning, design and build.

In many respects we work in the architect’s interests almost as much as we do yours.

2. Understanding the Vision: Open >

It is our job to understand the vision for your building at least as much as you do, not just to build it.

Every project presents challenges which need to be interpreted and acted upon in the most appropriate way for you the client.

3. Optimising Time and Resource: Open >

For us it is about optimising time and resource to achieve the best result for you.

We don’t make any more money by saving on costs or leaving out detail.

Often during the design process your architect will ask our opinion on costs/specifications.

We are well placed to advise as we buy labour and materials every day across several projects.

4. Competitive Tender for all Trades: Open >

We run a competitive tender for all trades. To insure integrity of pricing and quality each aspect of the job is tendered to ensure the most cost effective and timely delivery.

We then discuss the tender results with you giving you our advice on the most effective solution for you.
With the traditional main contractor route the price for each trade would have a contingency built in and an additional main contractor charge on top - we eliminate both these.

Please note that contractors themselves welcome professional project management knowing they can work to an effective programme.

5. Single Point of Contact: Open >

You will have a single point of contact during the construction process. This is a dedicated professional who understands your project from the outset and works closely with you and the architect during the design and planning phase. The net result is a tailored service which delivers a superior product on time and at the right price.

6. Team of Professionals: Open >

Behind your dedicated contact is a team of professionals.

We are experts, we do this every day - your dedicated contact will have the support of:

  • Estimator to guide on budgets.
  • Chartered Town Planner to advise on policy.
  • Quantity Surveyor to manage the specification.
  • Purchasing Manager to buy materials better through national contracts and spot buy offers.
  • Contracts Manager to concentrate on quality and timeliness.
  • Site Manager / Working Foreman with specific responsibility for Health & Safety and CDM.

7. Ongoing Cost Control: Open >

We deliver ongoing cost control.

The team are on your side, working to save you money at every stage.

Savings are passed directly on to you.

Our Quantity Surveyor (QS) is on your side, ensuring correct and no extra materials are used unless it is both needed and signed off against contract.

8. Safeguarding the Integrity of Design: Open >

We safeguard the integrity of your design.

Using conventional construction it is not unusual for a builder to approach the client during the project with a way to ‘improve’ a particular detail, or even just to make the changes themselves.

Almost always this is in order to be more profitable and often at the detriment of the design.

In many respects you can’t actually blame them as the process almost prompts this.

And this is the main reason why architects stay involved with building projects in the first place in order to police the construction process.

We have no financial gain from cutting corners.

We will always try to protect the integrity of the design, whilst being adept at cost and value engineering to maximise a client’s budget.

9. Construction to Specification: Open >

And of course we ensure that the building is constructed to specification without substitution or omissions, another reason why we are the architect’s friend.

10. Product and Service Guarantees Direct with You: Open >

We make sure that all the product and service guarantees are held directly with you.

This is important as should there ever be a problem then there is no chance of a third party either obstructing a claim or no longer being in business.

11. Building on Time: Open >

And your project is built on time.

One of the common problems with a conventional build is when there is a delay with one aspect, possibly due to a contractor working on another site, it affects everything else.
Whereas we will identify the issue and change sub-contractor as required.
It is part of our job to maintain continuity.

12. Contracts - Payments - Retentions - Guarantees: Open >

We understand contracts, payments, retentions, structural warrantees, guarantees, general regulations.

We manage them every day. We will brief you on any issues as much or as little as you would like, in general this is something that clients enjoy not having to get involved in.

Your architect will be the first to tell you that it is very easy to end up with litigation during a build process, through misunderstandings or non-delivery.

We are experts and embrace the associated liabilities as we are fluent with them and of course fully insured.